Tuesday, August 16, 2022

OnePlus’s weird headphone issue

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OnePlus’s weird headphone issue, Some OnePlus users are facing a seemingly minor bug and that is when they connect their phones via wired headphones, the left, and right audio channels switch.

This is a bug that is found mostly in the OnePLus 7 series phones but the very first case of this bug was reported in December of 2014 on an OnePlus One.

OnePlus’s a weird headphone with Game playing

This bug appears to be small but for people who depend on their wired headphones for playing multiplayer games like COD and PUBG M where headphones play a vital role in listening to the footsteps of the enemy, this could be a nightmare.

There are no permanent and effective solutions for this bug bu the good thing is this bug is limited only to wired headphones and wireless headphones are not affected.

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