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How to lock apps on iPhone with TouchID or Password – Best Methods

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One of the most popular smartphones on the market today, the Apple iPhone has a sizable market share. If you’re looking for a simple way to keep your iPhone safe and secure, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Lock Apps on iPhone are one example of a feature that has been available on Android smartphones for several years but has never been implemented on iOS devices. A few workarounds exist on the iPhone, and this guide will show you the various options to lock apps on iPhone. Fortunately, this feature is available.

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How to lock apps on iPhone?

Enabling Touch ID in the app you’re using will allow you to unlock it with your fingerprint. It’s also possible to enable fingerprint app lock in the settings for any app, regardless of which one you’re using.

Method 1: Use the default method to lock apps on iPhone (First-Party)

Because iOS lacks system-level support for locking individual apps, the number of ways you can do so is currently limited. There are a few workarounds and fixes you can employ to achieve the same effect. On iOS, the first-party apps can be locked by following the steps outlined below.

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Use the default method to lock apps on iPhone (First-Party)
Use the default method to lock apps on iPhone (First-Party)
  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to the Screen Time tab, enable it and then head to the Content and Privacy Restrictions section
  • Now tap on the Allowed Apps option and turn off toggles for all the apps that you do not want to use
  • Head back to the home screen to save the settings.

Method 2: Lock Apps on iPhone using Screen Time Limits Feature

  • Go to the Settings app and open the Screen Time tab
  • Then go to the App Limits section and tap on Add Limit option
  • Now you will be presented with a list of apps and you need to decide on which apps to restrict access, tap on the checkbox button to the left of the app category that you want to restrict such as Social Networking.
  • You can restrict only certain apps under a category by tapping through the category
  • Choose a time limit for the use of the app category, you can set a time limit for the use of that app category and customize the days that you want this restriction to be active, tap on the Add button to save the settings.
Lock Apps on iPhone using Screen Time Limits Feature
Lock Apps on iPhone using Screen Time Limits Feature

You can always extend the time limit by clicking “Ask for More Time” and entering the passcode to disable the lock once the predefined time limit is set.

Check All Apple iPhone Specs

Method 3: Lock Apps on iPhone Using Guided Access

Another nuclear app lock option, Guided Access, prevents you from exiting the app you’ve already opened. When you have to hand over your phone to someone else, but you’re concerned that they’ll use it for something else without your permission, this can be a lifesaver.

  • To enable Guided Access, head over to Settings and select Accessibility
  • Now select Guided Access and enable the toggle.
  • Now head over to Passcode Settings and set Guided Access Passcode
Lock Apps on iPhone Using Guided Access
Lock Apps on iPhone Using Guided Access

The iPhone’s guided access feature in lock apps is a nice touch. It allows you to restrict the use of your device to a single app. Press the power button three times or use touch-ID to enable Guided Access in any app. For those times when you’re handing your phone River to a friend or family member and don’t want them to peek into other apps and check your texts or Instagram, this feature is a lifesaver.

Enter the secure password and press the End button at the top right of the screen to exit the guided mode.

Method 4: Use a Third-Party App to Lock iPhone Apps

Unlike Android, which has a plethora of lock apps, there are no official third-party lock apps for iPhone. BioProtect, Locktopus, and AppLocker are the best third-party apps to use here. Only Jailbroken iPhones can run these apps, and we don’t recommend them or Jailbreaking the iPhone as a whole because it’s only for advanced users. You can still give these a go if you’d like.

In the end, after setting a password with one or more notes, it is necessary to reset your Notes passwords if you cannot remember them. It’s possible to reset your Notes password and activate Touch ID at the same time if you follow this guide. Make sure to read the instructions below if this is your first time.

Locking apps with Touch ID on the iPhone has made Notes more secure. Full access to Notes app features while ensuring that no one else can see what you’ve written is provided by this method. You can enable Touch ID for the Calendar app in your iPhone’s Settings.

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